Considering Eyelid Surgery in Atlanta?

Considering Eyelid Surgery in Atlanta?

Atlanta Eyelid Surgeon Starla Fitch with patient

The appearance of your eyes is very important because eyes are what most people focus on when having a conversation with you. As we age, some of us develop droopy eyes as our eyelids weaken and look baggy. We look tired or older than we really are.

Fortunately, your appearance can be easily improved with blepharoplasty, an out-patient surgery that removes the excess skin and bags from your eyes. Recovery is quick and most patients can drive cars the next day, with all signs of surgery gone in three to four weeks.

Read our Patients Speak page and you’ll find many stories of people whose improved appearance has made their lives happier. Click to watch a video with patients talking about their eyelid surgery by Dr. Fitch.

While some doctors or plastic surgeons are qualified to perform cosmetic eyelid surgery, you’ll probably agree that it’s best to choose an ophthalmic plastic surgeon like Dr. Starla Fitch who spends the majority of her time performing eyelid surgery.

An ophthalmic surgeon, also known as an oculoplastic surgeon or eye plastic surgeon, completes a three year residency in eye surgery (ophthalmology) followed by one to two years of extensive training in plastic surgery. Ophthalmic plastic surgeons perform cosmetic eyelid surgery as well as reconstructive eyelid surgeries in patients with injuries, skin cancers or eyelid malpositions.

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